The Lost Years (ft. Russell Brill)

by Bimini Road

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The equipment is paid for at-cost by Century Sound Labs and donated directly to Girls Rock NC.

Please remember to share the album with your friends and family - anyone you think might know Russ and want just a little bit more of him in their lives.

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Why are we here if not for one another?


From 2010-2012, Russell Brill and I wrote and recorded music in my bedroom in Bay Village, Ohio. These are those recordings.

To read the story behind each song, click on the name of the song. Lyrics were transcribed as best as I could - words or phrases in [brackets] are ones I'm not sure of.

Russ made music of his own, as well. He published his music under the name Alone Alone. You can check out his album, Little Darling, Always Faithful here:



I met Russell Bill in 2003, when he was a freshman at Bay High. The first time I saw him, he was wearing bell bottoms and some paisley wallpaper-flavored shirt, bouncing around in the goofiest walk you ever saw.

I knew immediately that we were going to be friends.

But it wasn't until years later, when I came home from my first year at Kenyon, that we started playing music together. He was the original member of King Tut, playing clarinet and saxophone.

At our first concert (I think a Hozzgiving maybe?), he introduced me to Drew Veres, who he said was the best drummer around. We made a few recordings together as a trio, but those are lost to time (unless anyone out there has them?).

Drew and I moved to Asheville, but without Russ, who, at the time, was still deep in the throes of his alcoholism.

Years later, I moved back home to Bay and Russ and I started making music together again. It felt like a fresh start - in fact, it felt like meeting Russ again for the first time. He was sober, and he was noticeably lighter and had even more of a spring in his step.

These are just a fraction of the songs we wrote together. Most of them are lost to time or were only ever half-baked fragments. But what remains is evidence that I got to be there for some of the best years of his life.

Russ had this way of seeing people - when he talked to you, he could make you feel like you were the only person in the world that mattered. He listened, he felt, and he gave.

But one day, Russ and I had a falling out. And then I never talked to him again.

Many of you got to have two more years with him than I did. You got to see who he became; what he grew into. Your last words got to be "See you tomorrow!" or "I'll get that book back to you soon," or even, "I love you."

My last words were "Fuck you."

I have to carry that with me for the rest of my life. And it would be unbearable if not for this music.

You got to be there for him in the last two years of his life. You got to laugh with him, eat dinner with him, work with him, and create with him.

But I have this: these songs, lost for so many years, hidden by time and anger and stubbornness.

This is Russ as I remember him. When you listen, picture us: me waving to him from my porch as he pulls up, Russ jumping out of his car, stubbing out his cigarette, and saying, "C'mon, let's get going - I can't wait to show you this new one."


released March 4, 2017

Russ Brill - Lyrics, Vocals, Keys, Saxophone
Mark Boyd - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Drums




Bimini Road Asheville, North Carolina

Bimini Road is Mark Boyd, a reclusive Asheville-based musician who rarely ever plays out anymore.

Mark works for two music tech companies: Endangered Audio Research and Audulus.

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Track Name: Freaky Little Feet
the heart of a lunar tide
our bodies' heat is mixing, fixing;
distances apply.

everything is green.
I'm caught inside your teeth
and the belief in space machines.

your freaky little feet
are penitential all-potential
energy defeats.

your pretty [paradoms,]
your holy mountain,
chocolate fountain,
blah, blah,
Ram, Ram, Ram.
Track Name: The Hangman's Pushin'
Radio Caller: Whatever I do, no matter how close I get to anything, I can't lose my ego. I'm always aware of it standing there, and I'm always aware of how impure I am!

Ram Dass: Right, okay...uh...hello?

I can't believe it when you talk,
and the hangman's pushin',
yeah, the hangman's pushin,

and all my thoughts becomin' chalk
in a star-struck baby-bloomin'
star-struck baby-bloomin'.

Starvin' for lack of separation
in the cosmic candelabra
backbreak danse macabre.

Glidin' across a secret nation,
in the shook-star orca-flop
mystic mountaintop.

I can't see.
I wanna go.
I can't be.
I wanna go.
Track Name: Laura
Laura walks on feet like spiders;
laughs like water;
smiles like tigers;
and when she talks to me
I grin like a fool.

Everything is true.
There's nothin' I can do;
exist by you.

Laura moves like pretty ocean;
shrugs like magic;
steel-like motions;
and when she walks with me,
I feel like a cloud.

All of this is true.
There's nothin' I can do;
think of you.


Laura speaks in toothy whistles,
Roman candles,
honey thistles,
and when she looks at me
birds begin to sing.

Nothing isn't true.
There's nothing I can do;
sing for you.

Laura grooves like sparking wires,
kicking legs,
and candy fire,
and when she touches me,
rooms all start to spin.

This I know is true:
There's nothing I can do;
move with you.


Laura looks like starry diamonds,
hula hoops,
and sandy islands,
and when she thinks of me,
galaxies align.

She's beautiful and true.
There's nothing I can do;
be with you.

Laura walks on feet like spiders;
laughs like water;
smiles like tigers;
and when she talks to me,
I grin like a fool.

Everything is true.
There's nothin' I can do;
exist by you.

Track Name: La La Love You
If stars were cherries,
and you told me you're hungry,
we'd be under a pitch-black sky.

And if philosophy was H2O,
and your dry flowers couldn't grow,
we'd be happy and not ask why.

And if I was turned to rhymes,
and all you need was time,
we'd be true-blue,
cuckoo, voodoo,
want to,
Machu Picchu,
la la love you.

[Lovely night...]
Take a deep breath;
smell the sweet-sweat
breeze goin'
Track Name: My, My
Ooh, girl,
I wanna slow dance
with you,

ooh my, my
so fly.

higher power,
don't be blue

ooh why, why,
so sad?

Your lips
wanna be kissed
and I won't be left out of that!

My word,
my mind,
my soul:
out of control.

Gettin' closer
to what I been told.

Ooh babe,
don't be afraid;
all you have to do is sway
this way.
Oh my

Bonafide turnin' tide;
my shoelace is untied,
but I don't mind.

But your eyes are cool and clever!
This was your plan forever!
You knew I knew I could never
not catch a fallin' feather.
Track Name: Corner of My Mind
I was thinkin' about you -
you were trying on clothes
in the corner of my mind.

The summer circlin' like a shark.
They [bet that I'm completely blind.]

Three thousand devils
beat back down to the bottom of an empty room.

These little troubles,
they're leavin' too.
They're leavin' us all.
Yeah, they're leavin' us all.

Aw, but you
and me
are an impossibility.

And here it goes...

Put 'er there Trotsky!
He had your cigarette.
I snagged my swimsuit on a parapet.

I've been tryin' to get
to where she's goin'.
So where you goin'?
Yeah, where you goin'?

But you
and me
are exactly supposed to be.

And here it goes...
Track Name: I'll See You There
There has to be wind
to feel the air.

Let's go for a walk

We travel through bright, bright creation
in the sun.

We go without knowing, everything showing:
we are one.

Maybe I'll go wade in the slipstream...
You know it doesn't care
if I've got a job,
or you've got the daydream;
I'll see you there.
Track Name: Vital Flow
I am the black-tongued lover and the son of despair.
You are the creek-worm daughter with a bow in her hair.
Swim under blue oceans with a tooth in your tongue.
[Win] all the worlds are swimmin that are already sung.

I wanna leave my body in the tropical dirt.
You wanna leave your body in your favorite shirt.
Swim in the pre-fab science of a pelican beak.
[Win] all the cats-eyed-lookin' fish in the deep.

I could've sprung my bones right outta your skin.
You could've bleached all the world out of all of its sin.
Swim in the gelatin currents with the vital flow.
[Win] all the hangdog bummers we will never know.

Track Name: They Shine 4 U
Go to sleep.
The stars are aligned.

And they all shine
for you.
Track Name: Psychic Power Lines
Maybe there's logic to the stars,
but, baby, the space all seems so far.

Crazy: the way you eat my mind.
We spend this little life connecting psychic power lines.

And I know you know
I know you know
I know you know
I know you know
I know we know
where the beauty in distance lies.

And I think you think
I think you think
I think you think
I think you think
I think you think
your thought is like paradise.
Your beauty's like
la la..
Track Name: Your Secret Box
Russell Brill: Lyrics, Vocals, Keys
Mark Boyd: Backup Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Track Name: The Lemmin Light
This is what it's like
to feel the wind through a lifted hand.
And this is what is
to know the world is smooth, and warm, and tan.

Yellow, yellow, yellow,
and blue and green are all we see.
And this is why and how,
and how we're wired fractally.

So this is how it feels,
cracked wide-open and exploding bright.
Our backs are to the sky,
and we are swimmin' in the lemmin light.

Upward first,
and then we fall.
Track Name: What About? (Are You Still?)
Oh my brother,
won't you be my lover,
and we'll see through this disguise.

The whole world is undercover,
and our life is full of lies.

The whole of life is arrayed in a web of infinite desire,
and it's only when we're ready do we give it up to the fire.

I guess that it is a part of life
that you can only see a bit of the truth at a time,
and you pick a little bit out of that,
and you call it, "Mine."

What about...?
Are you still...?
Can you feel...?
Do you dig...?

I've been feelin' like a neverendin' wheel
that's rollin' straight on through the night.
The cold world says to me, "Can you be free of being free?"

Now it seems like the sum of our dreams
is a full sky of falling snow:
You pick a little spot in the stream;
then you let it go.
Track Name: Castle in Spain
I wasn't waiting for the sun;
searching everyone
for you.