Freaky Little Feet

from by Bimini Road

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I was really excited to show this one to Russ when I finished writing it. I was going for the vibe I felt from my friend's band Reptar*, who makes some really fun party music.

Russ and I had a lot of fun going through all the synthesizer presets and finding sounds that fit. It's a barnburner of a track, but sadly was never realized to its full potential (like many of the songs on this album).

I think the guitar is Russ's mom's old classical acoustic. It was way out of intonation and I seem to recall only being able to play a few in-tune chords with it.

Russ wrote the lyrics but I thought it sounded nice when our voices were equally mixed - very anthemic.

In this song, you can see a form of lyric writing that Russ loved - instead of using chorus-verse structures, the verses are all interwoven with related words and rhymes.

The lyrics, like most of Russ's lyrics, are nonsense, but that doesn't mean they didn't try to evoke some feeling. When Russ was falling in love with Laura (whose feet I've never seen, so I cannot attest to their freakiness), he was positively exploding. This song is great at conveying the way he was just dumbstruck by her.

A few days before, Russ had just seen the Jodorowsky film The Holy Mountain, so that's what that referenced.

*You can see a music video I animated for Reptar years later here:

Date written: 11/28/10


the heart of a lunar tide
our bodies' heat is mixing, fixing;
distances apply.

everything is green.
I'm caught inside your teeth
and the belief in space machines.

your freaky little feet
are penitential all-potential
energy defeats.

your pretty [paradoms,]
your holy mountain,
chocolate fountain,
blah, blah,
Ram, Ram, Ram.


from The Lost Years (ft. Russell Brill), released March 4, 2017
Russell Brill: Lyrics, Vocals, Keys
Mark Boyd: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums




Bimini Road Asheville, North Carolina

Bimini Road is Mark Boyd, a reclusive Asheville-based musician who rarely ever plays out anymore.

Mark works for two music tech companies: Endangered Audio Research and Audulus.

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