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This is one of my personal favorites. Russ was obsessed with clever lyrics, and these are some of his best. You can see that same formula he uses, where each verse is similar structurally or thematically, but the content is different. This way of writing has rubbed off on me, and it's something I do in almost all of my songs now.

He used to quote Robert Frost saying that writing poetry without rhyming is like playing tennis without a net. Of course, when he wrote poetry, Russ often wrote in free verse, but I think he relished the challenge of developing these little lyrical gems.

I remember listening to this song when Russ was just starting to date Laura, and how precious and cozy these lyrics seemed. I felt I could live a little vicariously through his love for her. I especially liked the image in the first stanza - imagining them on a loping hillside at night, reaching into the sky and plucking stars one-by-one until all was dark.

Side note: The lady singing in the background is just my voice digitally pitched up.

Date written: 9/3/10


If stars were cherries,
and you told me you're hungry,
we'd be under a pitch-black sky.

And if philosophy was H2O,
and your dry flowers couldn't grow,
we'd be happy and not ask why.

And if I was turned to rhymes,
and all you need was time,
we'd be true-blue,
cuckoo, voodoo,
want to,
Machu Picchu,
la la love you.

[Lovely night...]
Take a deep breath;
smell the sweet-sweat
breeze goin'


from The Lost Years (ft. Russell Brill), released March 4, 2017
Russell Brill: Lyrics, Vocals, Keys
Mark Boyd: Backup Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums




Bimini Road Asheville, North Carolina

Bimini Road is Mark Boyd, a reclusive Asheville-based musician who rarely ever plays out anymore.

Mark works for two music tech companies: Endangered Audio Research and Audulus.

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